They say when a couple is doing well on Revenge, that usually means they’re in trouble. Just take Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke’s recent romantic nuptials, which parlayed into their disastrous honeymoon. But what about when a couple’s never been particularly “blissful”?

Conrad and Victoria Grayson were never caught in the throes of passion. Vicki Harper clearly married the stud for his money, and when she met the innocent yellow lab owner David Clarke, she cheated on Conrad at the first possible opportunity.

But we can’t help but think that Connie and Vicki are a perfect match. They’re both manipulative and have forgiven each other’s various sins. They’ve also been there for the high and (very) low points.

And apparently actor Henry Czerny agrees with us. He recently spoke with E! News about Conrad’s relationship with his Ice Queen of a wife.

He claims Conrad would "go through the gauntlet" to end up happily ever after with Victoria.

"There is hope," he said. "But there is juicy stuff coming up that we have to get through before they can think about being together."

Hopefully, they’ll get past it soon! These two are clearly more powerful together than apart.

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Source: E! News