Daniel Grayson token pretty boy and heir to the Grayson fortune recently discovered his business balls. Homeboy is taking down big papa Grayson and grooming himself to run the family company.

But Danny, didn’t anyone ever tell you that with great power comes great terrorist organizations who force you to launder money? Victoria is increasingly concerned about Americon Initiative getting its claws on her prized son, and she tries to warn him in this new spoiler clip.

Unfortunately, The Initiative is pretty secretive — as is Victoria Grayson — and she can’t tell her son why he’ll be in grave danger at Grayson Global.

Thanks to some new spoiler clips, we already know that the winter finale, “Revelations,” features Daniel using former Nolcorp CFO, Marco Romero, to take down Nolan. And after watching this clip, we have a feeling he used his information to get appointed to the Grayson Global board.

Will Daniel listen to his mother’s warning? You’ll have to watch the clip to find out!  

Credit: YouTube Photo: Preview Clip: Revenge Season 2, Episode 9, "Revelations," Sneak Peek — Victoria Begs Daniel to Reconsider (VIDEO)

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