In Revenge, everything’s part of a puzzle. So when new cast promotional photos were released last week, we were determined to find hidden clues. 

And we actually uncovered more than we expected from these simple portraits. We’ll address the group photo and the bloody trunk a bit later, but for now, here’s what we’ve deduced from the cast photos:

1. Ashley’s Back
We already knew that Ashley Davenport would be coming back after watching the promo for Episode 11, “Sabotage,” but since she’s in the cast photos, we can assume she’ll continue to be a rather permanent staple in the Hamptons. 

2. Jack Probably Won’t Die
Ever since we saw a (married) male’s hand at the bottom of the ocean, surrounded by Jack Porter’s possessions and beloved boat, we’ve been worried that Montauk’s favorite bartender was a goner. But considering he appears in these newly released photos about four episodes before the infamous boat crash is set to happen, we have a feeling our boy’s not going anywhere. 

3. Declan Probably Won’t Die
The same can be said for Jack’s man-jewelry-loving younger brother, Declan Porter. Why go through the trouble of taking these shots if you’re going to kill him off in a few episodes?

4. Nolan’s Still Got the Boldest Style
While all the other Hamptonites are dressed in their finest khaki/white/grey ensembles, Nolan Ross is rocking his bright red color with style. The techie isn’t afraid to step outside the box in fashion and we love it! 

5. Not Pictured 
Though Aiden Mathis and Amanda Clarke are central characters on the show, they aren’t featured in the promotional photos. Could their absence be foreshadowing one or both of their deaths? Considering that Amanda isn’t featured in the original Season 2 promo pics either, it’s definitely a possibility.

What do you think of our analysis? Weigh in below!