Credit: STILL

Ever since the opening scene in the Revenge Season 2, which showed Jack Porter’s beloved ship, The Amanda, at the bottom of the ocean, we’ve been wondering whose hand was found among the wreckage.

After last night’s gripping mid-season climax, “Sacrifice,” we finally have our answer. Though the hand definitely belonged to a married man, it wasn’t Jack Porter who went down with the ship, but rather his attacker, Nate Ryan.

Credit: STILL

Nate flashed his never-before-seen wedding band several times during last night’s episodes. We don’t know the backstory behind his spouse, but maybe he was into conjugal visits. Rikers can get mighty lonely. Just sayin’.

His hand was the one from the clip, but he wasn’t the only character to go down following The Amanda's explosion.

In a last-minute decision to grab a treasured necklace given to her by Emily Thorne, Amanda Clarke took the brunt of the blast and was sent deep into the ocean (with a few of Em’s tears to guide her).

We were sad to see her go and caught off guard by her death, but at this point, nothing the Revenge writers do should shock us.

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