Emily Thorne has scoured the Hamptons on Revenge trying to take down the people who framed and murdered her father. But her mission is about to take her to a very different location. Ems won’t be wearing a ballgown or ordering cocktails when she and Nolan Ross go to an arcade on their latest mission.

In new spoiler photos for Episode 19, “Identity,” Ems is spotted going undercover (aka wearing her black hoodie) at the arcade as Nolan Ross waits out in the open wearing a silky letterman’s jacket.

We already know that we will uncover the identity of Nolan’s latest nemesis, The Falcon, in Episode 19, and this arcade is likely to be involved.

Will these two nerds battle to their coding deaths with a game of pinball? That’s a fight we’d love to see.

Ems might not be as talented with the nerd battles, but she can certainly put her martial arts skills to work. She certainly owes Nolan after Padma died when she was too busy to help with their stake out.

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