After the juicy promo for Revenge Season 2, Episode 7 hit our screens on Sunday night, there was also mention of an ABC special called “The Gift of Revenge.”

And if you were scratching your perfectly-curled blond hair with your red Sharpie, you weren’t alone! But today we got some details on the event, set to take place this Sunday, Nov. 11.

The special featurettes are scheduled in light of Target and Neiman Marcus’s recent partnership with ABC. So during the commercial breaks for Sunday night’s episode, airing from 9 to 10 p.m. ET on ABC, we’ll receive some holiday gifts early!

“The Gift of Revenge” is five videos featuring Revenge characters Nolan Ross, Jack Porter, Charlotte Grayson, Declan Porter, and Amanda Clarke. All will be decked out in the retailers’ fashions and playing out what ABC calls “a plot full of twists and turns.”

So basically, we’ll be seeing more content during the regular programming? Why can’t we get presents like this every week?!

Are you excited for this sponsored special? Weigh in below!

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