There are plenty of Hamptonites we’ve been forced to say goodbye to in the 1.5 seasons of Revenge that have aired thus far. But David Clarke’s death is definitely the most noteworthy loss in the life of Emily Thorne.

The martial arts master never would have started her quest for vengeance if her father hadn’t been framed and then murdered by the Graysons and the terrorist organization, Americon Initiative.

Credit: Instagram

So the flashbacks and uncovered videos of Papa C are always the most emotional. David Clarke fans can expected an upcoming appearance in Episode 16.

Yesterday, actor James Tupper Instagrammed a photo of himself on set in Episode 16. He’s wearing his prison jumpsuit and handcuffed to the desk. It looks like David’s visiting with either Victoria Grayson or reporter Mason Treadwell.

We love Mason’s interviews with David, but the love scenes with Vicki are always emotional.

Do you like David Clarke’s character or should the show continue on without these flashbacks? Tell us your thoughts below!