If Conrad Grayson had a red Sharpie list, the next victim would be New York Governor Cuomo. That’s right, Revenge’s most villainous former CEO is looking to make the move from Grayson Manor to the Governor’s Mansion. 

Connie’s been taking some time off from Grayson Global (read: he was fired) to amp up his golf game and lounge around in some chic madras shorts. But now he’s getting serious about using his manipulative ways to score a spot in politics.

Victoria’s not too pleased about his latest move, considering she’s ready to divorce her faux-hubby and get on with her other suitors. Unfortunately, a politician needs a “devoted” wife by his side for the press.

He also needs a cause to rally behind, and helping Jack Porter get out of jail following his drug charges was just the ticket. But Jack didn’t provide the most convincing argument, and now Conrad’s on Team Nate Ryan.

The drug smuggler wants to redesign and transform The Docks into a thriving business, which includes gaining complete ownership of The Stowaway. Chances are this won’t end well for anyone involved.

Could Conrad’s married hand be the one at the bottom of the ocean from the Season 2 premiere? Tell us your thoughts below!