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Remember pill-popping party girl Charlotte Grayson? Well lately the Revenge teen has been cleaning up after Baby Carl David and helping Declan Porter get into Harvard (we can’t even get out that last part without laughing). Needless to say, homegirl needs a break.

Luckily she has her new bestie Regina to unleash her inner party girl. Charlotte and Regina’s friendship wasn’t instant. We were first introduced to this party crasher at the Graysons’ Halloween masquerade ball when Charlotte walked up on her insulting Fauxmanda Clarke. Char punched Regina in the face, which horrified her mother, but that wasn’t the end of her storyline.

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Charlotte and Regina Get Caught by the Paparazzi

In Episode 19, “Identity,” Regina approached Charlotte at school, confiding that she lost her brother to a pill overdose last summer. Touched by Regina’s story, Charlotte agreed to blow off school and her study session with Declan to party it up with her new bestie at a New York nightclub.

The two engaged in a makeout session for the paparazzi, because that will never get out, and now the Decster is devastated. We’re not sure what Regina’s up to, but clearly it’s no good.

The last time a Revenge teen made a friend it was Declan’s bestie Trey, who convinced him that robbing mansions was a good idea. Whoops!

Will Regina lead Charlotte down a painful path? Tell us your thoughts below!