It took us awhile to see the hand reaching up from the side of the dock in the original Revenge Season 2 promo pics, but the blood-stained trunk in this new set of photos was all too obvious. 

In the group photo, Jack Porter is casually sitting in front of the trunk as if it’s as natural as proposing to an ex-stripper. And speaking of Amanda Clarke, why isn’t she featured in this group photo?

She is, after all, a central character these days. Could her absence and Jack’s placement be foreshadowing her untimely death?

Or perhaps Jack’s placement has nothing to do with the contents of the trunk. We also notice that season regular, Aiden Mathis, is missing from the photo. Emily Thorne’s list of love interests was getting to be a bit too long. Could it be that Aiden’s a goner?

Another take on this stained piece of furniture could be that it doesn’t represent any of the missing characters. Jack is the one sitting in front of it. Coming up in Episode 14, we’re scheduled to learn about the aftermath of The Amanda’s explosion. Could Jack’s fate be in that trunk?

Who knows? It could even be the ghost of Sammy the Dog hanging out near his old master.

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