Baby Carl David should probably be quaking in his diapers these days on Revenge. First he was left in the care of his crazed jewelry-stealing uncle, Declan Porter, then his mother died in a boat explosion, and now his sole guardian is his father Jack “I-Want-To-Be-A-Revenger” Porter.

If we’ve learned anything about Jack over the last two seasons, it’s that he is definitely not equipped for handling anything in Emily Thorne’s world. But in Episode 18, “Masquerade,” Jack enlisted the help of an unlikely ally.

After seeing how Ashley Davenport was treated by Conrad Grayson, Jack reached out to the art history major to see if she’d be interested in forming the unholy alliance.

She nodded in agreement so now these two are the Hamptons’ new dynamic duo. Wait, does this mean she has to start wearing plaid and rocking unfortunate hairstyles?

Ash is known to gravitate to whichever offer ends up being the most beneficial for her. The Graysons could easily pull her back to their team, leaving Jack in the lurch.

Do you think Ashley will betray Jack or can he trust her? Weigh in below!