Now that Fauxmanda Clarke is gone from the Hamptons for good, Victoria Grayson is stepping up to be Revenge’s top hussy. In Episode 17, “Victory,” Mason Treadwell tells Emily Thorne that her arch nemesis had a son at age 16 and put him in the foster care system.

Naturally, Ems will use this intel to help drag the queen from her throne in Episode 18, “Masquerade.” We have some theories as to who this mysterious offspring might be. Chances are he could always be a newbie, but, twist of twists, what if he’s also someone we already know?

Here are our top three choices:

1. Nolan Ross 

We’ve never met Nolan’s mother, and with his affinity for David Clarke, it would be the perfect match. And if Emily found out that Nolan was actually Victoria’s son, she would have to grapple with the decision to hurt Victoria or save Nolan. Bonus: We hear this season’s finale is extra Nolan-centric!

2. Aiden Mathis 

Now that actor Barry Sloane has signed on to be a series regular, they have to expand Aiden’s storyline. The British babe can’t just spend his days doing Emily’s dirty work, well he could but that would be boring. We’ve only heard mention of Aiden’s father (the luggage attendant The Initiative threatened in order to get the bomb onto Flight 197). Plus Aiden and Daniel already fight like brothers.

3. Evan Spradlin

This newbie is set to appear in Episode 18. In the spoiler photos, Evan is helping Conrad with his campaign. A newcomer who is deeply entrenched in the Grayson lifestyle just as Victoria’s secret is about to come out? This seems like a no-brainer!

Who do you think Victoria’s son will be? Tell us below!