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In the finale scene of Revenge Season 1, we see Victoria Grayson and Lydia Davis boarding a plane in slow motion. Typically, this would look strange, but add in Florence + the Machine’s “Seven Devils,” and you have a scene that sends chills up every Revenge fan’s spine.

Who made this fitting musical selection? Music supervisor Season Kent and composer iZLER help make Revenge the well-oiled vengeance machine it is.

Yesterday, actor Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) tweeted the two asking about the music for Season 2.

And Season Kent, who has worked on music for the films Limitless and The Fighter, responded, saying:

We have no doubt Season 2 is in good hands! And in the meantime, Revenge Season 1 comes out on DVD today, so be sure to pick up your copy and listen for Season and iZLER’s work!

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