We’re still a week away from the return of Revenge Season 2 and two weeks away from learning who will die aboard The Amanda in Episode 14, “Sacrifice.” But the spoilers are coming out of the woodworks and so are our predictions.

This season’s death is said to make a big impact, and no one can pull at our heartstrings like our favorite backstabbing Hamptonites. Thanks to some spoiler photos of an upcoming funeral and an exhilarating new sneak peek, we’re ready to list off the top contenders for this season’s death.

Here are our picks:

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Conrad Looks Serious in Revenge Season 2, Episode 13, "Union"

Conrad Grayson

Though we love his manipulative ways and on-par rapport with Victoria, it seems very likely that this is the end of Conrad. He’s recently aligned himself with the Ryan brothers who have it out for Jack and Amanda. We have a feeling that the bad boys of the Montauk Mafia are definitely behind the honeymoon boat explosion, which means Conrad could be involved. Why is Conrad our top suspect? His absence in the funeral photos was definitely noticed, and Charlotte sobbing at the gravesite seemed fairly telling.

Conrad also lacks a significant storyline this season, so this could be his time to bow out.

Jack Porter

In the new sneak peek video, we see Jack discovering a bomb at the bottom of The Amanda. We also see two figures jumping off the exploding boat. The figures appear to be Emily Thorne and Fauxmanda. So what happened to Jack?! At first we doubted they’d kill him it is a pretty obvious one but now, all bets are off. The Emily and Jack romance has been off the grid for long enough that no one would miss him too terribly much, except Baby Carl David (sob).

Nate Ryan

It’s kind of a given that the Ryan brothers are in for a world of hurt once Emily Thorne discovers what they’ve been doing to her true love and faux-self. But Nate’s definitely going to get the worst of it. This drug dealer is 100 percent evil and has no remorse for hurting innocent barkeeps. We’re crossing our fingers that he’s the one to take’s Emily Thorne’s shovel to the head in the sneak peek.

Kenny Ryan

Kenny’s started backing off, but his allegiance to his brother will cause him all kinds of problems. He’s in this for the long haul now, but his hesitation could end up saving one of our favorite’s lives (though he might not be able to save his own).

Amanda Clarke

Amanda’s storyline has been built up enough this season that her death would definitely affect us. She’s definitely on the boat when the chaos goes down, and though it looks like she jumps off as it explodes, she could always take a piece of plywood to the head.

Credit: STILL

Nolan Ross

Though we didn’t see Nolan aboard the boat in the sneak peek, he was the one to tell Emily that Jack and Fauxmanda never made it to their honeymoon hotel. Could he get involved in the last second, leading to his death? He also wasn’t present in the funeral photos. This one is a stretch, but not entirely out of the question.

Ashley Davenport

Since Ash is Conrad’s right-hand lady, she’s also involved in his affairs with the Ryan brothers. She could be doing his bidding. She’s also not present in the funeral photos, though we’re not sure why Charlotte would be crying over this loss.

Emily Thorne

We know it’s never going to happen — without Emily Thorne there would be no show — but she is aboard the boat, so we must include her in this lineup. And the show creator did say he was looking to make this season’s death have a big impact ... just sayin’.

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