For the first half of this season of Revenge, we’ve heard quite a bit about Aiden Mathis’s long-lost sister, Colleen. Americon Initiative captured the youngster in order to blackmail Aiden’s father into loading bombs aboard the plane. You know, the plane that went down and eventually landed David Clarke in jail. 

Aiden’s spent his whole life trying to find Colleen, only to hear that she’d died. But according to Helen Crowley, Colleen’s still alive, and The Initiative knows her whereabouts.

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But when will we see the long-lost Colleen? According to a press release from ABC, British actress Gemma Massot will be portraying Aiden’s sis in Sunday’s episode, “Collusion.”

Gemma’s had brief roles on The Mentalist and 90210, but if she’s here to stay on Revenge, this will be her first big part.

We’re not sure if Colleen will be returning in a flashback or in the present day, but Gemma’s definitely a beauty. And we’d expect nothing less from someone related to Aiden.

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