If you blinked, you might have missed Conrad Grayson switching teams in the most recent episode of Revenge. The corrupt ex-CEO planned on using Jack Porter’s jail sentence to help further his political career.

The original plan was to spring Jack from jail and use him as the new poster boy for the Grayson campaign, in turn righting all the injustices of the judicial system. Conrad even slipped the Ryan brothers $50k to hightail it out of Montauk, but Nate wasn’t interested in his proposal.

Determined to properly avenge his father’s death and take down the Porters, Nate Ryan approached Conrad with a business proposal to buy The Stowaway and restore the docks once and for all.

Naturally, Connie snatched up the opportunity and turned his back on Jack in a matter of seconds. We’ve yet to see Jack’s reaction to this news, but chances are that the wronged barkeep will be none too thrilled.

Could Conrad’s lack of loyalty end up costing him his life? We’ll find out in Episode 14, “Sacrifice,” but tell us what you think below!