Remember when Emily Thorne wandered into church for baby Carl David's baptism and somehow didn't burst into flames? It's probably because she's baby Carl's godmother, and she was being protected by his angelic presence!

If you need a refresher as to why Emily "I Heart Revenge" Thorne was asked to be Carl's spiritual guide, you've come to the right place.

The short answer? Girlfriend conned her way into the job. In case you've forgotten the details, Emily went to visit Fauxmanda and her bulging baby bump, and proceeded to eye-roll her way though Mandy's explanation that Satoshi had trained her. In fact, Emily was so annoyed that she decided to show Amanda who's boss, and subsequently told Jack that his baby mama had asked her to be godmother. In your face, Fauxmandy!  

Let's just hope Emily manages to stop huffing red Sharpies long enough to pay some attention to baby Carl. We're seriously worried about this kiddo. Especially considering that his mom is a stripper-turned-murderer, and his dad is....well, Jack.