The time has come to grab a black Herve Leger bandage dress and blow your nose into it. Yep, we're in mourning over Victoria Grayson's possible death during Revenge Season 2, Episode 12 "Collusion."

In the heart-thumping promo for this Sunday's all-new episode, The Initiative's Helen Crowley tells Aiden Mathis to "kill Victoria Grayson," and the next thing we know, he's hiding in the bushes with a sniper rifle. Um, uncool, Aiden. Please go back to Japan with your puppy friends, because there's no longer room for you in our fan fiction.

This British bloke will do anything to reunite with his prostitute sister, but kill Victoria? Unspeakable! Plus, we can't imagine how mad Emily would be with him for foiling her plan –– although Lord knows if Victoria "dies," she'll just end up squatting in some backwoods shack in the Catskills. It's literally impossible to get rid of this lady.

Do you think Aiden will pull the trigger on Victoria and risk his entire relationship with Emily? You know what to do, Revengers....hit the poll!