Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Aiden Takes Aim in Revenge Season 2, Episode 12, "Collusion"

Everyone try to remain calm, but Emily Thorne is currently wrapped up in the middle of a majorly complicated love triangle ... square ... quadrangle. But Revenge’s master of disguise is doing her best to keep the situation calm. 

Unfortunately, her current squeeze Aiden Mathis saw Ems sharing a smooch with one Daniel Grayson — total babe and ex-fiancé. Sure, Emily may be telling herself that she’s acting on Victoria’s orders and their mutual interests, but we all know everything’s more complicated where Daniel’s concerned.

And now that Daniel thinks Emily and Aiden are broken up, there’s nothing stopping him from making his sexy blazer-filled move. What Daniel doesn’t know is that Aiden is still very much involved and, oh yeah, a trained killer.

We recently saw photos of Aiden pointing his sniper gun at a new target. Could it be Daniel? Chances are he wouldn’t be so rash, but we did see him lose his temper and kill his sister’s pimp back in 2006. So Danny might want to watch his loafers.

Do you think Aiden will try to kill Daniel? Weigh in below!