Hamptonites, beware! Conrad Grayson, king of the madras shorts, is running for governor in the fine state of New York on Revenge. And despite the fact that this man has been arrested and occasionally linked to terrorist plots, he has a decent shot at winning the seat and a third mansion.

Will the Grayson for Governor campaign prove successful? We’re not sure yet, but we do know that the outcome of the election will air sometime this season, before the May 12 finale.

“We are taking this season through the November election,” show creator Mike Kelley told ET Online.

Conrad saw a recent surge in the polls after he accidentally promised to reopen the David Clarke case, trying to get the man he secretly betrayed a posthumous Presidential Pardon.

But now that his formerly devoted assistant Ashley Davenport is working with Jack Porter to take Connie down from the inside, the Grayson patriarch might face some campaign confusion.

Jack and Nolan were easily able to trip Conrad up at the public forum in Episode 18, “Masquerade.” What’s to say they couldn’t do it again, and on a larger scale now that Ashley’s placed her perfectly manicured claws into the mix?

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