Someone in the Hamptons is pretending to sweet and innocent, and it’s not Emily Thorne. Revenge has a new bad girl in town, and she’s Trojan horsing her way into Nolan Ross’s company and heart. 

And though Nolan’s known for letting romance get him into trouble — remember Tyler Barrol? — we think this tech genius is smart enough to figure out that homegirl’s playing him.

In the promo for this Sunday’s episode, “Collusion,” Nolan’s lying in bed (swoon) and declares, “I know what you’re up to.” Sure, that clip could be from any scene, and we have no idea who he was talking to, but we have a feeling he might be talking to his girlfriend, Padma Lahari.

The former Nolcorp CFO is playing nice in order to get intel on the company’s top secret program, Carrion. In fact, Padma’s working directly for Helen Crowley and The Initiative, and that can’t be good for anyone.

Will Nolan get wise to Padma’s game? Tell us what you think below!