Credit: STILL

It’s a day that ends in “y,” which means we have a fresh murder in the Hamptons. This killing was particularly sweet because it came at the hands of one Victoria Grayson. Revenge’s most deliciously evil villain got fed up with The Initiative’s Helen Crowley and quickly popped a cap right in H’s chest. Whoops!

Whatever, she should have known better than to mess with the woman who was taught to murder at age 15 by her own mother.

Victoria did a pretty good job of getting Daniel and Conrad to the pool house without alerting anyone in The Initiative, but will she be able to keep this secret for long?

Credit: STILL

With the various whale cams and spying clocks, we doubt that Vicki will be able to keep the ominous terrorist organization in the dark for long. In fact, in next Sunday’s episode, “Sacrifice,” a new Initiative representative, Trask (played by Burn Gorman), will be making an appearance, presumably to search for Helen.

That being said, Victoria has a knack for getting out of trouble when it’s necessary. Remember that time she pushed a pregnant woman off her second-floor balcony? Oh yeah!

In the promo for next week’s episode, we see Daniel and Conrad rolling up Helen’s body in the pool house rug (ugh, the stains!).

Do you think Victoria will get away with this murder? Tell us below!