Revenge has yet to be officially renewed for Season 3, but that didn’t stop show creator Mike Kelley from dishing to ET Online about his ideas for the third installment of our favorite shoreside drama.

Mike was open about some of Season 2’s criticisms, but said he thought Season 3 would solve some fan’s issues with Revenge.

“The show will look different in Season 3,” he said. “There will be a new Big Bad, different enemies, but for now, we're wrapping up what we've introduced all season long. It will, of course, affect the course of the show for Season 3.”

But what about details, Mike? We want to know the dress code, the cocktail list, and whether Declan Porter will still be stealing lobsters.

“I would like to spend a little more time in The Hamptons next season,” he continued. “Get back in touch with that world — especially those Hamptons parties. I'm also interested in looking into the idea of nature versus nurture — whether Emily has a mental illness like her mother and if that will manifest. Emily is going to have a self-awareness revelation in Season 3 where she needs to confront her father's imperfections [as she] learns new things about her father.”

Hmm, how very Harry Potter of Ms. Thorne.

More elite cocktail parties and a main character who is struggling with potential mental illness? Thus far we like what we hear about Revenge Season 3!

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Source: ET Online