Though Revenge can do few things that surprise us after all we’ve seen, the bombshell that Victoria Grayson had another son in her teens definitely shocked us in Episode 17, “Victory.” Now the search is on for Vicki’s first offspring.

And though we hear that Victoria’s skeletons will definitely come out of the closet in Episode 18, “Masquerade,” show creator Mike Kelley recently told ET Online that junior’s identity will be a mystery for a quite some time.

“Your curiosity won't be [fully] satisfied by the end of the season,” he admitted. “If Emily is successful by the end of Season 2, she will have, in some measure, torn Victoria's current children away from her. That's her focus now. So we're so excited about the opportunity to bring in Victoria's first born — a third way for Emily to hurt Victoria — in Season 3.”

Ugh, Season 3?! We’re not sure we can wait that long! Also spinning around the rumor mill is the possibility of Victoria’s son being the elusive “Falcon” — the hacker who is currently working for both the Graysons and The Initiative.

“I say that was a long, hard debate in the writer's room as well and you'll have to see what happens [laughs],” Mike teased.

Are you disappointed it’s going to take so long to uncover all the details on Victoria’s son? Tell us below!

Source: ET Online