Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Gabriel Mann As Nolan Ross on Revenge

Emily Thorne isn't the only one with secrets on Revenge. Everybody has their own agenda, including her partner in crime, Nolan Ross.

We'll find out a lot more about Nolan in an all-flashback episode later this season, Gabriel Mann reveals to TV Line.

"You’re going to start finding out how Nolan went from a Pearl Jam-loving Seattle grunge musician standing outside of an Escalade with an infinity box to a Peter Pan-looking, popped-collar guy," he says. 

At the top of our wish list? That the flashbacks illuminate whether Nolan knows Satoshi Takeda, as was alluded in episode 15, and if they are plotting to stop Emily's revengenda.

Source: TV Line

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