Credit: ABC Photo: Nolan Ross in Revenge Season 1, Episode 9: "Suspicion"

What’s even better than Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and his side-swept bangs lurking on the beaches on Montauk? Nolan and his frosted tips lurking around the streets of New York in a flannel button-down.

It’s time to bust our your best grunge look, because Revenge is taking a trip to the ‘90s!

"Oh, flashback a plenty, yes," Gabriel tells E!. "Lots of flashback coming. In Episode 9, you're going to start to see more of Nolan in the past."

So, what does this blast to the past mean for Revenge’s intricate plot? It will help viewers "connect the dots from the person that he was early in that business, and how he made that money, to the person that you see now."

The transition from JNCO jeans to skinny jeans is a wonder to behold indeed.

Source: E!