Credit: ABC Photo: Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke in Revenge Season 1, Episode 10: "Loyalty"

With the mid-season finale of Revenge just hours away, we’re dying for our burning questions to be answered before the horrors of hiatus are upon us! Emily VanCamp (Emily Thorne) spoke to TV Line, and lucky for us she was even more loose-lipped than usual!

First up, Emily clarifies a plot point that’s been haunting us: Why did her character give fake Amanda a journal full of dark secrets when they switched identities?

“That is actually a fake journal that she’s giving to Amanda,” Emily says. “In this episode the mentor, Takeda, has advised my character to have Amanda work for her rather than against her. My character feels like she’s lost control a bit, so Takeda tells her to pit Victoria [Madeleine Stowe] against the fake Amanda. And that’s going to be a very interesting storyline.”

Speaking of Amanda, how much longer will Emily have to watch her cozy up to Jack (Nick Wechsler)? “That’s actually a lovely story — and a very scary story for my character,” Emily says. “That’s a relationship that is definitely going to play out. There are so many lies, so much deceit on this show!”

So what can we expect in tonight’s finale? “We find out more about how much my character is really feeling for Daniel [Joshua Bowman], which is interesting,” Em reveals. “And we do start to see a bit of a more vulnerable side of her and kind of experience how the tragedy of all of this weighs on her, which I think is important.”

Also important? Tyler and his popped collar. Have we finally seen the last of him, or will he be back with a vengeance? “This week you’ll think he hits an all-time low, but come January it gets much worse,” Emily teases. “I have to give Ashton Holmes credit, he has never tried to make his character likeable. He plays it well — and he’s nothing like Tyler in real life!”

Let’s hope not, because right now we have him pegged as Daniel’s murderer. Well, if Daniel is the one who was shot.... “The guy on the beach is dead,” Emily confirms, “I can say that.” Sigh, we’re tearing up just thinking about it!

Source: TV Line



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Credit: TV Fanatic Photo: Sneak Peek Video for Revenge Season 1, Episode 10, “Loyalty”: Daniel Meets Amanda