Credit: ABC Photo: Emily Thorne Attends a Party in Season 1, Episode 5, Guilt

Ever since Lydia made her escape to Europe on Revenge, we've been wondering when Conrad's golden-haired mistress would return to (hopefully) wreak some havoc. 

Judging from reports on E! Online and TV Line, we can expect to see Lydia again soon ... but not in the current day. 

Confusing? Well, Revenge mastermind Mike Kelley is planning an episode that will take place entirely in 2003. 

"It's all surrounding that photograph that was in Lydia's (Amber Valletta) apartment that had Emily in the background with champagne at a New Year's Eve party," he told E!.

"It's all about that weekend and we're not setting it up; we're just basically doing an episode of Revenge in 2003. It's really fun."

So, we should be expect to see a past version of Lydia, at least, hosting that party. 

Whether we'll ever see present-day Lydia floating around in the Hamptons again? Still unclear.

Source: E! Online, TV Line


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