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‘Tis the season, Hamptonites! There’s some holiday cheer in the air, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a side of Revenge.

So what do you get for the Revenger in your life? We have a quick and easy list of options for you to peruse. Sure, you could always get Season 1 on DVD, but we’re guessing you already have that, so here are some other Revenge-themed selections:

5. Black Hoodie

No real badass could take on the Graysons and The Initiative without a black hoodie. It allows you to take care of your revenging by cover of darkness, and in Emily Thorne’s case, it completely hides your identity. Jack Porter wasn’t quite so lucky, but if you’re trying to be like Jack Porter, that’s a whole different problem.

4. Wine Rack

Look, we already have real estate jealousy from Emily Thorne’s gorgeous beachfront property in the Hamptons, but add her magnificent wine rack to the mix and we’re green with envy. We got a really good look at Ms. Thorne’s rack — get your mind out of the Montauk gutter — in Episode 4, “Confidence,” and even if you’re not a wine enthusiast, this rack has practical purposes. In fact, Em’s easy access to wine allowed her to quickly grab a bottle and take out Aiden Mathis!

Credit: ABC

3. Shamu/Clam Cam

How can you really get your Revenge on without a good spy? Nothing’s better than Nolan Ross’s infamous Shamu whale camera or his Season 2 Clam Cam. Though they aren’t available in stores (yet), we bet you could make your own, and if you live in a nautical environment, a Spam Cam might better suit your needs ...

2. Throne

Every queen (or king) needs her throne, and we’ve been eyeing Victoria Grayson’s for two seasons. The high-backed chair is covered in cursive script and reeks of Hamptons monarchy. After all, how can you rule when you’re on the same level as your subjects?

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Emily Thorne's Infinity Box

1. Infinity Box

Why wouldn’t every vengeance-filled girl hide all of her secrets in a box with the same symbol that’s on her porch? That’s a pretty fool-proof plan, right? OK, so maybe Emily hasn’t done the best job of hiding her Infinity Box, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great gift. Some girls offer their fellahs a house key when they want to move forward in the relationship, but you could be an Emily Thorne kinda gal who prefers to show off her darkest treasures!

What do you think of our gift guide? Will you use these ideas on the Revengers in your life? Tell us below!