Yesterday actress Christa Allen tweeted about her last day filming Revenge Season 2 and apparently she was featured prominently. Paparazzi spotted the 21-year-old actress filming a scene in the finale in downtown Los Angeles on April 18.

In the scene, Christa was wearing a beautiful black and tan dress with a white coat as she had an emotional phone conversation. Playing Charlotte Grayson, Christa looked visibly upset while talking on her cell.

She was walking alone which leads us to believe that Declan or someone in her family might be in danger. We know The Initiative’s storyline is ending soon and that a main character will be killed off in the finale.

Charlotte actually made our list of potential deaths in the finale. Her recent outbursts of teenage angst imply that Emily Thorne’s half sister is once against spiralling downward. Her death would have a deep impact on Victoria Grayson and Emily Thorne, who both care deeply for her safety.

On April 18, a Revenge crew member tweeted, “Wrap on day 8of9! 1 more wake up! Thank you @christabrittany for giving Charlotte unbelievable depth.”

Could this be a farewell to the youngest Grayson/Clarke? Tell us what you think below!

Credit: Gaz Shirley, Photo: Christa Allen Smiles on Set of Revenge Season 2 Finale