Credit: Splash News Photo: Gabriel Mann and Emily VanCamp at Ashley Madekwe's Birthday Party on December 3, 2011

Between his fashionable pink boating outfits, shifty expressions, dry humor, and side-swept hair, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is a true force to be reckoned with on Revenge. So which lucky Hamptonite is worthy of being his partner in crime: Tyler (Ashton Holmes) or Emily (Emily VanCamp)?


“In terms of Nolan and Tyler’s story, yeah, it gets pretty intense,” Gabriel tells After Elton. “You’ll see!” 

We love ourselves some TyleNol, but don’t forget that Nolan’s a three on the Kinsey Scale, which leaves him plenty of opportunity for lady lovin’. Will his friendship with Emily take a turn for the down and dirty?

“He is attracted to her intellectually, emotionally... is that something that can translate into physically? I don’t know. For Nolan? Absolutely, sure. For Emily? Maybe not. But you never know, so maybe they’ll have a drunken night one night when things tend to happen.”

A Nolan + Emily rendez-do would be too good to be true!

Source: After Elton