Credit: GQ Magazine

Though we don’t get to hear his sexy British accent when he’s playing Daniel Grayson on Revenge, actor Josh Bowman certainly does tend to steam up our TVs on Sunday nights. 

Daniel Grayson tends to show off top fashions in the business world, but his off-screen counterpart has a much more alternative style.

And his unique look has definitely been noticed by those in the fashion community. Josh and co-star Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) attended New York Fashion Week in the fall, and the star was recently featured in GQ Magazine’s “Spring Preview 2013: Less is (Way) More” feature.

The up-and-coming actor was pictured in two sexy photos, showing off some of this spring’s upcoming trends.

In the above image, Josh poses wearing thick, black glasses, tight Prada pants, and a Tom Ford jacket. The entire look costs around $4,500, chump change for a Grayson.

Credit: GQ Magazine

Josh’s second look features the popular leather “baseball jacket” and the entire outfit costs just under $3,000.

We’re also loving his crazy, gelled up hair! Granted, Daniel Grayson’s Wall Street look is super hot, but we’re a bit partial to this fashion-forward style.

What’s your favorite Josh Bowman look? Daniel Grayson’s business suits or his GQ style? Tell us below!

Source: GQ Magazine