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Victoria Grayson runs a strict (and often dangerous) household on Revenge, but her real-life counterpart, Madeleine Stowe, could not be more opposite. In a recent interview for Family Circle, the 54-year-old actress talked about her different parenting techniques for her 16-year-old daughter, May.

She calls her parenting style “atypical,” especially on the topic of education.

“I dropped out of college, and I’m not pressuring May to go,” she revealed. “Everyone needs to find her own path in life, and she’s not sure if higher education is right for her. I’m OK with that.”

But the actress certainly wants her daughter to be informed. Madeleine has supported Virginia politicians on several women’s rights issues and frequently visits the third world country of Haiti to help with relief work.

“It's important to me that she has a strong moral compass,” she continued. “Since 2008 I've visited Haiti several times a year with the organization Artists for Peace and Justice, helping to build schools and hospitals. It's incredible, fulfilling work, and I hope I'm setting a good example.”

She seems to be setting a fantastic example — that is, as long as her daughter doesn’t mix her up with her onscreen character. And apparently that’s hard to do because when Madeleine’s off set she rocks casual attire.

“Victoria is glamorous and always perfectly put together,” Madeleine said. “Because of her, I feel the need to kick my style up a notch. I clean up nice for the red carpet, but I'm really more of a blue jeans and T-shirt kind of gal.”

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Source: Family Circle