On a show like Revenge, no one is innocent, but there are certain stand-out villains who really take the cake. And what a delicious piece of cake it is!

These bad guys are so evil that they make it look fun. Check out our list and share some of your favorites in the comments below!

5) Ashley Davenport
This ladder-climbing party planner has been able to weasel her way into the lives of the socialites she once served. She went from cleaning up after heirs to dating one, and for that we give her props. Plus, she does it all with such fabulous style!

4) Mason Treadwell
Mason Treadwell is one of the most underrated characters on the show. He went from honest journalist to devious book author to shady blogger. He loves the scoop, gossip, and spoilers — just like us! — and he’ll do anything to get it.

3) The White-Haired Man (Gordon Murphy)
This villain is so evil that we didn’t learn his real name until after he died. Unfortunately, it turned out to be Gordon. Womp. But the White-Haired Man has all the hookups when it comes to disguise. Sure, he has shock-white hair, but he’s able to be a jailer in David Clarke’s prison and a flight mechanic on Victoria Grayson’s plane. Anyone who can slither his way in like that has a definite spot on our list.

Credit: Colleen Hayes / American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

2) Tyler Barrol
It’s a shame Tyler had to be killed off last season, because he really was one of the most multi-faceted characters on the show. From pointing a gun at all of our favorites’ heads to threatening to uncover all of the Graysons’ deepest secrets, it was definitely a trip having Ty Ty around. Plus, TyleNol will always live on in our hearts — sorry, Padma.

1) Victoria Grayson
Terrorist organizations and deranged Harvard students are no match for Hamptons Queen, Victoria Grayson. From Day 1, this complex and scandalously-sinister character has both charmed and chilled us to the bone. From her withering stars to her ability to master her surroundings, we’re fascinated by this villain.

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