Credit: ABC Photo: Revenge Cast Season 1 Promo Photo

You know you’ve made it into the thriller big leagues when the Master of Suspense, Mr. Stephen King himself, is endorsing your show!

Stephen King listed Revenge as no. 11 on his Top 20 of 2011, saying:



“Guilty-pleasure TV, thy name is Revenge. There hasn't been a nighttime soap opera this cool since the early days of Dallas. The filthy rich at play in the Hamptons get a big dose of payback from Emily Thorne(Emily VanCamp). Watching Emily — a steel fist inside a velvet designer evening dress — face off against ice queen Victoria Grayson (the ­marvelous Madeleine Stowe) is the most fun you can have with a bowl of popcorn in your lap. Special kudos to Ashton Holmes as the Creepiest Best Friend in the World.”


We couldn’t agree more, Stephen! Especially about how wonderful Dallas was. Ah, the glory of metallic blue eye shadow....

Source: EW


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Credit: YouTube Photo: Revenge Promo for Season 1, Episode 11: Things Just Got Epic