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The denizens of the Hamptons on Revenge love to drop killer lines, but if you ever wonder whether the actors come up with those bon mots on the fly, think again. 

There's "not too much ad-libbing," Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) tells

"He probably gets away with it more than anyone else," adds Nick Wechsler (Jack Porter).

"Your ad-libs are largely between the lines," Nick says to Gabriel. "Like there's this sniffing stuff [when Nolan has a drink]  ...  and now they've actually started writing it in."

Revenge's writing staff seems to love a good showdown, one of which was between Jack and ice queen Victoria Grayson.

"It was crazy because she's Madeleine Stowe and I'm just some guy," Nick marvels. (Some really hot guy.)

Gabriel, meanwhile, is a bit jealous.

"I'm still waiting for a great, juicy scene with Madeleine, by the way, writers at Revenge," he hints.

As for what's to come, Gabriel says to expect more Graysons vs. Porter action and a lot more drama (natch).

"The next six episodes of Revenge will be like, infinity times infinity," he teases, "as exciting as everything you've seen."


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