Bad news, gang: Our biggest TV crush went to jail this week, which made emotions aside from grief and despair hard to come by.

Luckily, Revenge can always be counted on for a few laughs, so check out the 10 best quotes of the episode!

10. Daniel greets Sammy: "You should take him for a walk."

Please, that dog can't even hobble.

9. Declan interrogates Charlotte: "Were you high last night?"

Someone get this kid a job at D.A.R.E.

8. Daniel's lawyer grills him: "You're rich. Who hates you?"

How about the 99 percent?

7. Nolan greets Jack: "Welcome to the cone of silence."

Nolan's hair is less of a cone and more of a coif, really.

6. Nolan gives testimony about Tyler: "The guy went all Benihana on my arm and tied me to a chair."


Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Victoria Talks to Emily in Revenge Season 1, Episode 16: "Scandal"

5. Emily comforts Daniel: "You're injured. You're traumatized."

Just like Bambi, come to think of it.

4. Conrad warns Victoria: "Life as we know it, Victoria, is over."

We assume he's talking about Lobster season in the Hamptons, right?

3. Emily real talks about Declan: "Finding Tyler's body must have been pretty awful."

Bloody chintees aren't a good look for anyone.

2. Nolan blows our minds: "Mea culpa, babe."

All apologies should be in Latin.

1. Nolan chats about Amanda: "Girlfriend keeps poppin' up like the homicidal stripper version of whack-a-mole."

Now that's a mole we'd love to whack.

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