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Revenge is full of twists and turns, but even the biggest plotters should enjoy some downtime. While we are waiting for the second season to begin, here’s what we think our favorite

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Emily Thorne

Yes, we know, this is a story about revenge. But even schemers should enjoy some R&R every once in a while. Emily should take this time to look into Infinity Box alternatives. Yes, we know that her father’s box holds a special place in her heart, but it’s gone from being a roadmap for revenge to being a roadmap pointing straight at her.

What intelligent villain keeps a stack of incriminating clues hidden under the floorboards of their own house? Emily, you’re a wealthy, creative girl, it’s time for a security upgrade.

Daniel Grayson

Daniel seems pretty set on keeping the Grayson name intact, but things could potentially go sour soon. Now’s the time to network and get the Grayson name out there in a positive way. Maybe Daniel could hit up The Donald (Trump, that is) for some tips on situation control, or even a guest spot on The Celebrity Apprentice — any show that can make Aubrey O’Day slightly relevant must have some merit.

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Victoria Grayson

Look Victoria, we know you’re not dead. You’re simply too fabulous. So now you’re in a fun Tom Sawyer-esque situation where everyone (including your enemies) thinks you’re six feet under. Slip on some yoga pants and put your hair up and you’ll never be recognized again. Next time, go business class and no one will try to blow you up!

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Conrad Grayson

Conrad, it’s time to take the plunge, spend those extra dollars, and buy some sort of security system for Grayson Global and Grayson Manor. Frankly, it’s pretty ridiculous that Emily Thorne has been able to plant bugs in your house and office without you knowing, and the White-Haired Man isn’t new to this game either.

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Jack Porter

This downtime should be about all things baby! We all know you got the short end of the stick when your parents picked out the name “Declan” for your brother and “Jack” for you, so don’t let your baby receive the same treatment. Be sure to frugally spend The Stowaway’s money on the necessities like diapers, onesies, and paternity tests!

Declan Porter

You’re probably feeling pretty crappy for not answering Charlotte’s call (especially if it turns out she’s the one who died). Now’s the time to put down your “I Hate the Hamptons” picket signs and join the party. It’ll ease your guilt, and probably make you a tad more interesting.

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Charlotte Grayson

We know Grandpa said “no, no, no” to rehab, but he’s disappeared for a few episodes, so we say it’s time. You don’t have to go Dr. Drew on us, but homegirl, you need some serious therapy.

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Nolan Ross

Aren’t you supposed to be a billionaire, Nolan? If the Graysons can afford to hire a team of James Bond-type villains why can’t you? Use your resources to take out the lot of them and help out your bestie. Oh, and get rid of Amanda while you’re at it.

Ashley Davenport

You’re a ladder-climbing fashion-forward succubus if we’ve ever met one. So now’s the time to get Daniel to put a ring on it and become Hamptons royalty once and for all. Since you also have some weird thing going with his dad, it will probably make for some interesting Thanksgivings.

What do you think the Revenge characters should be doing with their down time? Comment below!

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