In last Sunday’s Revenge Season 2 premiere, we started a slow clap for one Jack Porter, who finally came to his shaggy-haired senses and asked Fauxmanda for a fun little procedure known as a paternity test.

Her curly tendrils hung in sadness at the request, but personally we thought homeboy was trippin’ for not asking immediately. She did have a multiple month leave of absence, hanging out with Takeda and presumably Aiden ... we’re just saying.

So when will we know the results of this test? Not on an episode of Maury, unfortunately.

“We will get the answer as to the true paternity of the child by Episode 2,” actor Nick Wechsler (Jack Porter) told TV Guide.

Hmm, so soon? Considering the couple is looking particularly cuddly in the spoiler photos for Episode 3, is it safe to assume that Captain Jack is the baby daddy?

What do you think? Weigh in below!  

Source: TV Guide

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