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At the end of last night’s episode of Revenge Season 2, “Retribution,” we were introduced to a mysterious newcomer named Eli James. Eli is Emily Thorne’s former foster brother from her Amanda Clarke days.

Charlotte reached out to him hoping he’d make it for Fauxmanda’s funeral, but he turned up a little late. He happened upon Emily who was shedding a few revengey tears at Mandy’s gravesite.

After a quick, awkward conversation, Ems realized that the creeper who was standing behind her on the dark, rainy night was actually her former foster bro whose house she burned down back in the day.

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Eli Talks to Victoria

So basically Ems torched the place and now her bro is back. Sure, he knew her as a kid and might not recognize her (no one else in the Hamptons seems to), but if the promo for Episode 16, “Illumination,” tells us anything, it’s that Emily should be packing her double infinity bags stat.

Eli’s going to recognize her, but will her pyromaniac days catch up with her or could he become an ally? Either way we can recognize that this guy is going to be an Tyler Barrol-level addition to the cast.

Now that the focus is back on Emily and her identity, Revenge can get back to its fabulous origins. Are you excited for Eli’s character? Tell us below!