By far the most talked about casting for Season 2, it seems everyone wants to weigh in on who should play Emily Thorne’s mysterious mother.

And now, the cast of Revenge has voiced their opinions to E! News.

"I'd love Marcia Gay Harden, but I don't know if she's been discussed for this," Madeleine Stowe said. "She would be fantastic. There are great actors on the show, but it would be fun to work with someone who is my contemporary."

If you don’t recognize the name, you’d probably recognize the face. Marcia’s been in numerous films including Mystic River, Miller’s Crossing, and Mona Lisa Smile.

Actor Josh Bowman agreed with Madeleine’s choice saying, “It's got to be someone who's got a little bit of a screw loose and can do that well. Marcia's done that a few times; she's good at it."

What do you think of Josh and Madeleine’s choice?

Source: E! News

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