Credit: ABC/The CW Photo: Nick Wechsler vs Jared Padalecki

Two hotties, both alike in studliness. Sigh, what’s a fan girl to do? Vote it out, that’s what!

Revenge’s Nick Wechsler and Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki are totally long-lost brothers who were separated at birth.

Maybe it’s just the fact that everyone else stopped middle-parting their hair back in 1998, but whenever we look at these two we feel the need to shout “twinsies!” at our computer screen. Of course, there are some subtle differences to be noted.

Nick pairs his floppy hair with a goatee, and seems to have a fondness for flannel. Jared, on the other hand, pairs his flop with some untamed stubble and the occasional beanie. But yeah, other than that they’re basically the same person.

Well, except for the fact that only one of these dreamboats was on Gilmore Girls, aka The Best Show of Our Time. Don’t let that sway you or anything ....