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Daniel Grayson might be suffering from a bout of memory loss, but one thing he remembers like the back of his studly hand? Tyler's suspicions about Emily Thorne.

Well, that and how amazing he looks with a 5 o'clock shadow.

Despite Daniel's everlasting love for Em, he was creeped out enough to dig through her floorboards looking for proof that she's a crazy vigilante. Luckily, Emily convinced Daniel that Tyler's theories were the insane delusions of a raving lunatic, but now that Daniel's in jail, his suspicions have plenty of time to grow — much like his stubble, come to think of it.

As Daniel digs deeper and deeper into Tyler's past in an effort to clear his own name, he might just find out the truth about Emily — but will he find it in his heart to forgive her?

After all, Em is just trying to avenge the deaths of a few hundred innocent people. Daniel can get on board and bring his corrupt parents down to Chinatown, right?

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