Apart from Nolan Ross, everyone Emily Thorne has ever trusted has betrayed her in some way. So when she was quick to hand over her Infinity Box to British boy toy, Aiden Mathis, in tonight’s episode of Revenge, loyal fans were all screaming a resounding, “No!”

Nolan is the only one who can be trusted with all of Emily’s darkest secrets. Sure, Aiden said he’d stick around this time, but how can we know that he won’t disappear with everything that’s most sacred to Ms. Thorne?

Aiden’s main mission was to find his sister, and previously, Emily said that he failed. We assume that means Colleen died, but if that’s not the case, he could ditch Ems at any point.

But do you think he’d really leave her after all they’ve been through? Weigh in below!

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