Grab an etch-a-sketch, write out "GEEK DOOM," and settle into your comfiest beanbag chair, because Nolan Ross' billion dollar company, Nolcorp, might be going under. Oh, and the real kicker? All this drama-rama started when Nolan's gal pal, Padma, stuck her nose in the company business and alerted Grayson Global to David Clarke's investment.

Here's a brief refresher: David invested in Nolcorp back in ye olden times (the ‘90s), and since he was working for Grayson Global at the time, the investment is tied to them. This means Nolcorp could potentially be taken over by Grayson Global, which in turn means Nolan may be fresh outta luck. But will Padma still have the hots for her man if he loses everything he's worked so hard to build?

There's no doubt that this lady was attracted to Nolan because of his business prowess, but it looks like she might love him for who he is on the inside. At least, she said as much during their romantic foot rubbing session in last week's episode.

Do you think Padma will stand by Nolan's side through thick and thin, or will she jump ship once the company goes down in revengey flames?

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