Credit: Pacific Coast News Photo: Tyler Has a Gun! The Revenge Cast Shoots Scenes From Season 1, Episode 11

There comes a time in every Revenger’s life when her friends and family start dropping like flies on random beaches. Sadly, it looks like Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) is about to lose one of her nearest and dearest, and even though Daniel (Joshua Bowman) is likely the victim, it got us thinking: Which Revenge character do you want to see six feet under?

It’s no secret that The Real Emily has been ruining lives all up in here, and Tyler isn’t exactly the subject of anyone’s romantic fan-fiction – but is there someone else you’d like to put in a casket? Maybe you have a burning hatred for Victoria (Madeleine Stowe)? Perhaps a passionate vendetta against Declan "Lobster Killer" Porter (Connor Paolo)? Or do you wish Emily herself would drop dead?