Credit: ABC Photo: Jack vs. Daniel

There are two types of shirtless hotties in this world, and Revenge has prime examples of both.

Daniel “Rich Shirtless Hottie” Grayson (Joshua Bowman): Daniel’s abs are svelte and sculpted from countless hours spent manning the jib on his sail boat and rowing crew at Harvard. He’s tall, dark, freshly lotioned, and always on team “skins” during a competitive game of beach volleyball.

Jack “Working Man Shirtless Hottie” Porter (Nick Wechsler): Jack earned his six pack oiling down the Amanda, building porch swings with his bare hands, and presumably hunting and killing his own meals. Some might call his abs second-class citizens, but not us.

So, which six pack has you drooling? It all boils down to whether you like your men waxed or hairy. (Check out a video of the guys shirtless below then cast your vote!)

Credit: YouTube Photo: The Revenge Cast's Half Naked Pillowfight (VIDEO)