Want details on the latest death on ABC’s hit TV show Revenge? Looking to find out who died in Season 2? Want to know which Hamptonite is next? Read on!

We’ve recently added Fauxmanda Clarke, Nate Ryan, and Helen Crowley to our list of Revenge fatalities, and that’s all happened in the course of two episodes!

So just imagine the hell that’s about to break loose now that Emily Thorne is heartbroken and more focused than ever. Who will be next?

Could Victoria Grayson actually bite the bullet after escaping death in the Season 1 finale? Or maybe Gabriel Mann’s Nolan Ross is the next one of Emily’s friends to sink to the bottom of the ocean.

But we know for sure that the Revenge writers are about to kill The Initiative’s storyline, and that’s a death we’re certainly happy about.

Stay tuned to Wetpaint Entertainment for the latest death on ABC’s television show, Revenge.

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