Emily Thorne

Emily Thorne isn’t who she seems. To her neighbors in the Hamptons, the affluent young woman is a fresh face — a recent arrival who snapped up and moved into the beach house next to stately Grayson Manor. But Emily isn’t new to the exclusive neighborhood; she spent her summers at the very same beach house as a little girl, only she went by a different name: Amanda Clarke. Emily isn’t in town to sip champagne with New York’s elite — she’s back to bring down the men and women who put her father, David Clarke, in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Emily never saw her father again (he died in prison), but he left her journals detailing the truth behind his arrest; a key to a lockbox in Zurich; and 49 percent of NolCorp. Turns out David invested heavily in boy billionaire Nolan Ross’s (Gabriel Mann) company — and the company went mega-big.

Amanda became Emily, and Emily is out to enact a vendetta on behalf of her late father — a vendetta he never would have wanted.

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