Flashback Video: Madeleine Stowe Confides in Sylvester Stallone in Avenging Angelo

Credit: YouTube

Before she wandered around The Hamptons side-eying her royal subjects on Revenge, Madeleine Stowe played the daughter of a mob boss in 2002's hi-larious comedy Avenging Angelo!

Mads plays Jennifer Barrett, a neurotic housewife who has no idea that her pops is a notorious criminal until he dies, leaving her under the protection of Frankie Delano (Sylvester Stallone). Frankie's job is to protect Jennifer from the mafioso who killed her dad, but she unsuspectingly falls in love with her biggest enemy, and Frankie has to save the day!

Check out this clip of Jennifer pouring her heart out to Frankie as he tries to hide a body without her noticing. Prepare for major LOLs!

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